Our Code of Ethics

To be worthy of the confidence and respect reposed in us by those with whom we have contact, we recognize our obligation to the public and to other dealers as follows:

  1. To give advice to our clientele to the best of our ability;
  2. To buy and sell at prices commensurate with a reasonable return on our investment, and at prevailing market prices, and with due allowances for our potential risk;
  3. To be truthful in our advertising, and refrain from disseminating statements that would tend to lead to a false or incorrect conclusion with respect to our own goods or services or those of our competitors, and to make no false claims to policies or practices of generally underselling competitors;
  4. To assist the legal Authorities to the best of our ability in the prosecution of violators of the law relating to our industry;
  5. To refrain from dealing in stolen, counterfeit, or otherwise fraudulent merchandise;
  6. To refrain from misleading a buyer as to description, quality, or quantity in the sale of merchandise;
  7. To honor and fulfill our own contracts in a timely and professional manner; and
  8. To make no known false statements or representations in our relations with customers or competitors, and to cooperate to the best of our ability in all matters that tend to the betterment of our hobby and industry.