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Star Tortoise - Mini Souvenir Sheet
Star Tortoise - Mini Souvenir Sheet

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Item#CountryScott Catalog NumberQualityDescription2009 Catalog PriceOur Price 
60054DhufarUnlistedCTO, F/VF, NH (Used)Star Tortoise - Mini Souvenir SheetN/A$0.50
60040Gambia518AMint, F/VF, NHNile Crocodile: Souvenir Sheet- Complete Set of 4 Different Designs$9.50$4.75
60152Guinea (Guinee)465-474, C88-C89CTO, F/VF, NH (Used)Various Snakes, Vipers, Pythons, Etc. - Complete Set of 12 Different$5.50$2.85
60164Guinea (Guinee)744-751, C134-C136CTO, F/VF, NH (Used)Reptiles & Snakes: Tortoises, Crocodiles, Toads, Skinks, Etc. - Complete Set of 11 Different$7.20$3.75
60014Mongolia676-683CTO, F/VF, NH (Used)Reptiles - Snakes, Frogs, Lizards, etc - Complete Set of 8 Different$3.40$1.70
60342New Zealand1023-1026New Mint, F/VF, NHTuatara Reptiles - Complete Set of 4 Different$6.00$2.95
60064Romania1719-1728CTO, F/VF, NH (Used)Reptiles: Lizards, Worms, Snakes, Turtles, Etc. Complete Set of 10 Different$2.05$1.50