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Forest Wildlife: Black Stork, Wild Pig & Piglets, Etc. - Complete Set of 5 Different
Forest Wildlife: Black Stork, Wild Pig & Piglets, Etc. - Complete Set of 5 Different

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Why Collect Topical or Thematic Postage Stamps?

Olympic soccer stamp from RussiaThe hobby of collecting postage stamps is the largest hobby in the world today. The official name is ''philately'' and stamp collectors are called ''philatelists''. Though stamps are usually collected by country, they are often collected by topic or theme - and we specialize in these thematic or topical stamps.

Educational Artwork

The pictures on the postage stamps are of great interest to collectors. They are miniature pieces of artwork authorized by the country that produced them, and available to be used by the people in that country. These stamps are not just attractive to the eye, but they usually tell something about the country's history, landmarks and natural resources. As such, they can be a great educational tool for teachers, parents and children. Postage stamps have been used and collected since 1840.

Dragonfly stamp from Tuvalu

Stamps have designs picturing animals, artwork, birds, cars, flowers, ships, space, sports, and just about everything else, including Disney. Maybe YOU have a favorite topic? Ok - Search for it above!
Scouting stamp from Burundi

"Stamps tell the story... and what a story these 'little pieces of paper' can tell! Stamp collections are ever-changing encyclopedias where one can learn about other countries, their people, their products, and their customs. They are a continuing current of knowledge, enchanting to the eye and enriching to the mind."
Emery Kelen: "Stamps Tell The Story of The United Nations"


Dinosaur stamp from MongoliaAnother interest is for the purpose of ''investment''. Some postage stamps have seen amazing rises in value, especially for the highest quality and scarcest ones. This website, TopicalStampStore.com deals mostly in the less expensive and less rare stamps, so you can fill your collection with the theme you enjoy without spending a lot of money. A cheap stamp is just as educational and attractive as an expensive one - have fun!

Train stamp from Russia

Collect for FUN (and maybe for trading)

So our advice has always been to collect for enjoyment. Sure ...if you want to buy two of an item so that you might someday trade the extra for a different issue that you want, then that's okay. But don't expect to make any money on them.

All stamps are genuine, high quality as described, and are IN STOCK.