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Traffic Safety: Policeman, Helicopter, Patrol Car, Etc. - Complete Set of 3 Different
Traffic Safety: Policeman, Helicopter, Patrol Car, Etc. - Complete Set of 3 Different

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Item#CountryScott Catalog NumberQualityDescription2009 Catalog PriceOur Price 
60260Burundi207-211, C41-C45CTO, F/VF, NH (Used)Boy Scouts & Scouting: Camp Fires, Hiking, Etc. - Complete Set of 10 Different (Diamond Shaped)$2.10$1.60
60265Burundi523-527CTO, F/VF, NH (Used)Fairy Tales: Grimm Brothers, Hans Christian Andersen, Etc. - Complete Set of 20 Different$4.20$3.05
60100DhufarUnlistedCTO, F/VF, NH (Used)Space, Olympics, Arabian Horse, Middle Eastern Map - Mini Souvenir SheetN/A$0.55
60302Gibralter385Mint, F/VF, NH1979 Christmas Nativity: International Year of The Child - Complete Set Block of 6 Different$1.60$0.95
60158Guinea (Guinee)405-409, C80CTO, F/VF, NH (Used)African Art & Culture: Festival Sword Dancing, Musicians, Etc. - Complete Set of 6 Different$1.50$0.80
60159Guinea (Guinee)678-683CTO, F/VF, NH (Used)National Pioneer Movement: Rope Bridge, Cooking In Camp, Etc. - Complete Set of 6 Different$1.45$0.75
60151Guinea (Guinee)769-773, C146-C147CTO, F/VF, NH (Used)Jules Verne Stories: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea, Etc. - Complete Set of 7 Different$3.80$1.90
60012Mongolia707-714CTO, F/VF, NH (Used)Circus Scenes: Seal, Chimpanzee, Clowns, Etc. - Complete Set of 8 Different$2.60$1.30
60144Russia2468-2472CTO, F/VF, NH (Used)Fairy Tales: The Geese And The Swans, Ruslan And Ludmilla, Etc. - Complete Set of 5 Different$1.60$0.80
60145Russia2596-2600CTO, F/VF, NH (Used)All-Union Lenin Pioneers: Red Crescent, Red Cross, Etc. - Complete Set of 5 Different$1.05$0.65
60148Russia2646 // 2652CTO, F/VF, NH (Used)Various Activities & Jobs: Surgeon, Teacher, Textile Worker, Etc.- Selection of 6 DifferentDifferent$1.30$0.75
60147Russia2655-2657CTO, F/VF, NH (Used)Honoring Pioneer Developers of Virgin Soil: Farmers, Etc. - Complete Set of 3 Different$1.35$0.70
60204Russia2667-2675CTO, F/VF, NH (Used)Great Decisions By 22nd Communist Party: People Working, Etc. - Complete Set of 9 Different$2.25$1.10
60206Russia2701-2704CTO, F/VF, NH (Used)National Handicrafts: Toys, Pottery, Bookbinding, Metalware, Etc. - Complete Set of 4 Different$1.20$0.60
60205Russia2779-2782CTO, F/VF, NH (Used)Antarctica: Map, Southern Lights, Whaler, Airplanes, Etc. - Complete Set of 4 Different$1.45$0.75
60208Russia2824-2829CTO, F/VF, NH (Used)Precious Stones of The Urals: Amethyst, Jasper, Emerald, Topaz, Etc - Complete Set of 6 Different$1.20$0.80
60209Russia2872-2874CTO, F/VF, NH (Used)Chemical Industry: Textiles, Rubber, Farming, Etc. - Complete Set of 3 Different$1.20$0.60
60210Russia2987-2991CTO, F/VF, NH (Used)Kremlin Treasures: Helmet, Saddle, Jeweled Fur Crown, Bowl, Etc. - Complete Set of 5 Different$1.00$0.65
60219Russia3106-3110CTO, F/VF, NH (Used)Scientific Conquests of The Arctic & Antarctic: Icebreakers, Etc. - Complete Set of 5 Different$1.50$0.80
60221Russia3281-3287CTO, F/VF, NH (Used)Far Eastern Territories: Medny Island, Kuril Islands, Etc. - Complete Set of 7 Different$2.15$1.10
60108Russia3470-3481CTO, F/VF, NH (Used)Various Designs: Moon Landing, Palace, Banner, Airplane, Etc. Complete Set of 12 Different$2.80$1.50
60232Russia4188-4192CTO, F/VF, NH (Used)Expo 1974: Rainbow, Birds, Fish, Crystal Rock, Flowers, Fawn, Etc. - Complete Set of 5 Different$1.00$0.60
60179Russia4796-4798CTO, F/VF, NH (Used)Traffic Safety: Policeman, Helicopter, Patrol Car, Etc. - Complete Set of 3 Different$0.60$0.40
60335Tanzania739-742Mint, F/VF, NHIntelsat 25th Anniversary: Satellites, Earth Stations, Etc. - Complete Set of 4 Different$12.45$4.50
60336Tanzania744-747Mint, F/VF, NHUN Development Program 40th Anniversary: Farming, Architecture, Etc. - Complete Set of 4 Different$9.10$3.50
60313Transkei (South Africa)69,71,72 (No #70)Mint, F/VF, NHFishing Flies: Durham Ranger, Black Gnat, Montana Nymph, Blue Charm, Etc. Selection of 15 Different$6.50$3.50