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Religious Paintings: Madonna and Child, The Nativity, Etc. - Complete Set of 4 Different
Religious Paintings: Madonna and Child, The Nativity, Etc. - Complete Set of 4 Different

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Item#CountryScott Catalog NumberQualityDescription2009 Catalog PriceOur Price 
60327Antigua & Barbuda905-908Mint, F/VF, NHReligious Paintings: Madonna and Child, The Nativity, Etc. - Complete Set of 4 Different$4.70$1.80
60253Burundi202-206, C36-C40CTO, F/VF, NH (Used)African Art: Seat of Honor, Buffalo Mask, Bakutu Figurine, Etc. - Complete Set of 10 Different$2.05$1.40
60160Guinea (Guinee)593-598CTO, F/VF, NH (Used)Imaginary Prehistoric Space Creatures: Very Colorful & Artistic - Complete Set of 6 Different$1.90$1.00
60297Israel505-507Mint, F/VF, NHChildren’’s Drawings From Israel & Jerusalem Museums - Complete Set of 3 Different$0.60$0.40
60296Israel537-539Mint, F/VF, NHArtwork From Israeli Museums: Lady In Blue, Sculpture, Etc. - Complete set of 3 Different$0.70$0.40
60291Italy1009-1010Mint, F/VF, NHPaintings by Raphael: Galatea, Madonna With The Goldfinch - Complete Set of 2 Different$0.40$0.30
60095NagalandUnlistedCTO, F/VF, NH (Used)Artwork: La Toilette d’’Esther by Theodore Chasseriau - Mini Souvenir SheetN/A$0.50
60098OmanUnlistedCTO, F/VF, NH (Used)Artwork: Oil Painting of Woman - Mini Souvenir SheetN/A$0.50
60139Russia2345-2348CTO, F/VF, NH (Used)Children’’s Drawings: Friendship, Farm, Winter Joys, In The Zoo - Complete Set of 4 Different$1.00$0.50
60107Russia3420-3428CTO, F/VF, NH (Used)Artwork Paintings: Seascape, Arrest, Suburb, Etc. - Complete Set of 9 Different$2.10$1.10
60113Russia3634-3638CTO, F/VF, NH (Used)Museum Treasures (Oriental Art): Vessels, Birds, Goddess, Etc. Complete Set of 5 Different$1.10$0.65
60119Russia3802-3808CTO, F/VF, NH (Used)Paintings: Religious Artwork by Raphael, Rubens, Rembrandt, Etc. - Complete Set of 7 Different$1.45$0.85
60121Russia3867-3873CTO, F/VF, NH (Used)Paintings: Foreign Masters In Russian Museums - Picasso, Etc. - Complete Set of 7 Different$1.40$0.85
60231Russia4178-4183CTO, F/VF, NH (Used)Seascape Paintings By Aivazovski: Odessa By Moonlight, Etc. - Complete Set of 6 Different$1.25$0.70
60127Russia4608CTO, F/VF, NH (Used)Artwork: Masterpieces of Old Russian Culture - Complete Sheetlet of 6 Different$1.25$0.75
60174Russia4684-4688CTO, F/VF, NH (Used)Paintings by Petrov-Votkin: Mother & Child, Self-Portrait, Etc. - Complete Set of 5 Different$1.00$0.60
60177Russia4709-4712CTO, F/VF, NH (Used)Old Russian Art: The Czar, St. George Slaying The Dragon, Etc. - Complete Set of 4 Different$0.80$0.50
60183Russia4753-4757CTO, F/VF, NH (Used)Folk Art: Horn Player, Wooden Bowls, Carved Bone Boxes, Etc. - Complete Set of 5 Different$1.05$0.60
60201Russia4995-4999CTO, F/VF, NH (Used)Paintings: ‘’Autumn’’ By Nino Pirosmanas, Kokodze, Kobuladze, Etc. - Complete Set of 5 Different$1.35$0.70
60349Russia4511-4515Used CTO F/VF NH Paintings: Rembrandt - Complete Set of 5 Different$2.00$1.10