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Prince Charles and Lady Diana - Airmail Souvenir Sheet
Prince Charles and Lady Diana - Airmail Souvenir Sheet

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Item#CountryScott Catalog NumberQualityDescription2009 Catalog PriceOur Price 
60332Bequia - St Vincent Grenadines245-249Mint, F/VF, NHRoyalty Portraits and Photographs: Elizabeth, Charles, Queen Victoria, Etc - Cplt Set of 5 Diff.$3.50$1.60
60048Dominica959-964Mint, F/VF, NHBritish Royalty: William I, Queen Victoria, QueenAnne, Henry VIII, Etc. Complete Set of 6 Diff.$8.70$5.75
60041Dubai151, C57-C59CTO, F/VF, NH (Used)Famous People Portraits: Albrecht Durer, Isaac Newton, Awicenna, Voltaire - Complete Set of 4$1.10$0.60
60003Dubai154-155, C61-C62CTO, F/VF, NH (Used)Portraits of Famous People: Beethoven, de Vinci, Etc. - Complete Set of 4 Different$0.95$0.40
60310MonacoC76Mint, F/VF, NHBicentenary of Birth of Napoleon I: Painting of Napoleon by Paul Delaroche. Complete Set of 1$1.60$0.90
60051PhilippinesUnlistedMint, F/VF, NHKennedy Family: Robert, Joseph & John Fitzgerald - Complete Set of 3 DifferentN/A$0.40
60049Ras Al KhaimaUnlistedCTO, F/VF, NH (Used)Beethoven Portraits & Bronze Bust - Complete Set of 6 DifferentN/A$0.90
60045Ras Al KhaimaUnlistedCTO, F/VF, NH (Used)Mozart Portraits - Complete Set of 6 DifferentN/A$0.95
60330St. Vincent874-877Mint, F/VF, NHElvis Presley Portraits: In Concert, Leather Jack Lets and Right Side - Complete Set of 8 Different$4.00$1.95
60329St. Vincent894-897Mint, F/VF, NHMichael Jackson Portraits: On Stage, White Glove, Red Jacket, Etc. - Complete Set of 8 Different$9.10$4.50
60325Upper Volta (Burkina Faso)C277Mint, F/VF, NHPrince Charles and Lady Diana - Airmail Souvenir Sheet$4.75$1.75
60044Yemen (Mutawakelite Kingdom)UnlistedMint, F/VF, NHFamous People: King, Kennedy, Lincoln - Complete Set of 5 Different Imperforate StampsN/A$1.00